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Wenzhou hardware chamber of commerce

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Recently, wenzhou hardware chamber of commerce held seven sessions of a general assembly and the general assembly, zhejiang zhongli group company chairman zhan xianguang re-elected as President of the chamber of commerce.

It is understood that the hardware chamber of commerce was established in 1995, the department of China hardware products association invited vice chairman unit, the current hardware lock enterprises in the city more than 1500, including more than 400 member enterprises, 100 directors. Wenzhou hardware chamber of commerce is a civil organization of hardware industry, covering lock, handle, plumbing, construction hardware, decorative hardware, daily hardware and other industries.

In recent years, with the help of chamber of commerce, the city hardware locks the industry has developed rapidly, now has "lock are China," and "locks export base in China (wenzhou)" two "the" font size gold card, as well as the title of "locks professional brand bases in zhejiang province" and "generic technology service center of zhejiang province small and medium-sized enterprises" platform.

In the past four years, the city's hardware lock industry has added more than 30 small upsizing enterprises, more than 20 provincial and municipal science and technology enterprises, and more than 10 municipal enterprise research and development centers and industrial design centers. In 2019, the total industrial output value of the city's hardware lock industry is expected to reach 22 billion yuan.

With the rapid development of Internet information technology, intelligent technology is increasingly mature, intelligent lock market also shows explosive growth. It is understood that at present, the city has nearly 100 lock manufacturing enterprises into intelligent lock research and development and production, it is estimated that the output of intelligent lock in wenzhou will reach more than 3 million in 2019, as a new growth point for the future lock industry in wenzhou. In may next year, the "2020 China (wenzhou) international hardware and intelligent locks exhibition" will be held in cooperation between the chamber of commerce and dena exhibition company, which is expected to bring new opportunities for the development of hardware and locks industry in wenzhou.


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