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Develop the whole industrial chain to build high-quality Chinese hardware

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The sixth general assembly of China hardware products association was held in Beijing

Zhang chonghe, President of China federation of light industry, attended the meeting and delivered a speech

The general assembly elected zhang dongli as the director of the association's new leadership


On November 27, the sixth general assembly of China hardware products association was held in Beijing. Zhang chonghe, President of China federation of light industry, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Xu xiangnan, deputy secretary of the party committee of China federation of light industry and director of the party building and personnel department, read the notice on the candidate of leading members of the sixth council of China hardware association. The general assembly elected zhang dongli as the chairman, jin lixin, lu jiying, liu runfeng, meng fan-bo as full-time vice chairman, su an built as the secretary-general of the association's new leadership. Appointed stone sangha as honorary chairman. Nearly 400 members attended the conference.

Zhang chonghe pointed out in his speech that at present, the annual output value of China's hardware industry exceeds 1.5 trillion yuan, the import and export volume is nearly 130 billion U.S. dollars, the main business revenue is more than 1 trillion yuan, the profit is more than 60 billion yuan; Currently, there are 63 national standards, 284 industrial standards and 22 group standards. Tools hardware, building hardware, daily hardware and other products through the old and new, zero cold water gas water heater, intelligent lock, sink dishwasher, integrated stove, steam roasting machine and other innovative products emerge in an endless stream, to meet people's constantly upgraded consumption needs made a positive contribution.

Over the past five years, the China hardware association has served government departments as a good staff assistant. Reflect the demands of the industry and support the development of enterprises; Set up the exhibition platform to promote industry exchanges; Enrich the forms of activities and lead the technological innovation; Expand foreign exchanges and enhance international influence; Increase publicity efforts, strengthen information services. In order to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry, a lot of outstanding work has been done.

Zhang chonghe pointed out that at present, the industry has entered a new stage of development in a new era. Hardware industry enterprises should recognize the situation, seize the opportunity, take the initiative, adhere to seek improvement in stability, improve quality, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and jointly promote the industry into a new era of high-quality development.

Zhang chonghe raised five hopes for the work of the hardware association:

-- providing services for a better life and promoting the development of the three products. "Cooking, bathing and heating require gas appliances that are safe, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly; Modern locks need security, intelligence, convenience; Tools hardware, building hardware, daily hardware and other traditional products need to continue to upgrade; The whole kitchen and other innovative products need the Internet of things, big data cross-border matching. The association should vigorously promote enterprises to increase varieties, improve quality, create brands, promote the industry more new products, high-quality and famous products, to meet the people's growing needs for a better life.

-- adhering to the concept of innovation and promoting high-quality development. The association should publicize the requirements for high-quality development, promote the restructuring and transformation of the industry, and guide the whole industry to transform and upgrade to medium and high-end. We need to guide industries to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, research and development of new technologies, new materials and new equipment, and promote the in-depth integration of industrialization and information technology. Through product innovation, process innovation, technology innovation, management innovation, marketing innovation and other means to enhance the industry's comprehensive innovation capacity. It is necessary to optimize the construction of the standard system, improve the standard quality level, drive the overall improvement of the industry with high-quality standards, and promote the innovation and upgrading and high-quality development of the hardware industry.

-- distribution of service areas and promoting centralized development. At the fifth meeting of the central financial and economic commission held on August 26, this year, the central financial and economic commission proposed to promote the formation of a regional economy with complementary advantages and high-quality development. Industrial cluster is an important force in regional economic distribution. We should give full play to the advantages of the association and assist local governments to standardize and cultivate characteristic producing areas and promote the healthy development of industrial clusters in accordance with the regulations of creating, cultivating, naming and awarding industrial clusters. It is necessary to guide industrial clusters to develop advanced manufacturing, improve industrial standards, build clusters with characteristics, seek clusters with differences, build clusters with advantages, and promote high-quality development of hardware industry with complementary advantages.

-- upholding cross-border integration and promoting the development of the whole industrial chain. Hardware industry not only the traditional tools, locks, building hardware, and the new house custom hardware. To pay attention to cross-border development, daily hardware, tools hardware, building hardware and other fields should be closely linked, work together to achieve a single product to the integrated direction of development, to provide consumers with systematic solutions. It is important to focus on integrated development, make full use of artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing in the value chain of manufacturing, promote the innovation of new technology and hardware industry, and promote China's hardware industry to the middle and high end of the value chain.

-- adhering to the original intention of holding the meeting and strengthening the construction of the association. The fourth plenary session of the 19th CPC central committee decided to establish a system of keeping in mind the original intention and mission. Good service for the members, for the development of the industry is the beginning of the association. The association should adhere to the purpose of "industry as the root and service as the foundation", keep the original intention, bear the mission, and do a solid job in serving the industry, enterprises, government and society. It is necessary to optimize the service platform, innovate the service methods, enrich the service content, improve the service mechanism, enhance the service capacity and promote the prosperity of the industry. We should implement the measures for the administration of party building in trade associations issued by the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission (sasac), do a solid job in party building, give full play to the role of party organizations as battlements and party members as pioneers and models. We should pay attention to the training of reserve talents, strengthen the construction of the cadre team, and strive to build a professional excellent association that is solid, self-reliant, trusted by the government, supported by the industry, satisfied with the enterprise and indispensable.

Zhang dongli said in his speech that the sixth council will actively adapt to the new era, new tasks and new requirements in accordance with zhang chonghe's requirements, comprehensively strengthen the association's own construction, adhere to the service purpose and improve the service level. We will thoroughly implement the "three products" action plan, promote the high-quality development of the hardware industry, and strive to lay a solid foundation for the transformation from a big country in hardware production to a strong country in hardware manufacturing during the "14th and 5th" period.

As the leader of the new leading group, zhang dongli made the work idea report of the sixth council entitled "comprehensively strengthening the construction of the association and promoting the high-quality development of the industry" at the conference, and proposed the key points of the association's work in 2020:

First, focusing on the comprehensive summary of the 13th five-year plan of the hardware industry and the research and development of the "14th five-year plan", carry out special research on the industry, and formulate the "14th five-year" development guidelines for the Chinese hardware industry according to the actual situation and goals of the industry development.

Second, under the guidance of the national quality management department, cooperate with relevant institutions to conduct quality survey, write the report on the development of industry quality based on the survey results, hold the quality analysis meeting, formulate the action plan for the improvement of industry quality and organize the implementation.

The third is to carry out research on the implementation of various standards in the industry and organize the standard publicity and implementation training meeting.

The fourth is to hold a working symposium on industrial clusters, summarize and exchange the development of industrial clusters in the past few years, and put forward Suggestions for the follow-up development.

Fifth, we will start to build a database of industry experts, integrate information and big data resources and talents, and provide better services for the industry.

The sixth is to summarize the experience of the 20th anniversary of China international hardware fair, hold a symposium and listen to the Suggestions of exhibitors and purchasers on the development of the fair.

Seventh, continue to carry out exchanges and cooperation with relevant international institutions, organize enterprises to attend overseas exhibitions, establish cooperative relations with well-known online and offline channels at home and abroad, and expand new business channels.

Eight is to do a good job by the association to organize the "golden hook award" industrial design competition, the efficient purification of oil hood environmental protection star, gas innovation model evaluation activities.

The ninth is to strengthen the internal construction of the secretariat of the association, carry out education and training, improve and implement the rules and regulations, increase income and reduce expenditure, and do every work pragmaticly.

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